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POETRY & More!

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Elizabeth is also a published Poet. Her poems have been accepted by The Poetry Guild in USA. The International Library of Poets, Poetry Today and United Press Ltd in UK.

Awarded the national flag in 1997 for having poems published in a Foreign Land.

Was born in Buenos Aires, 10th January

Have been writing poetry from early childhood until now

Speaks Spanish and English fluently and can get by in Italian and French.

Completed successfully the 6 year English training course in San Juan Bosco. Taught English in various schools but was fired for not conforming to their religious ethics.

"I am an English trained teacher, why should I teach Religion?"

Accepted at Técnico Belgrano College but lately dropped out to go and live in UK. Decided teaching was not her passion after all.

Works in TV/Film Industry

Loves Travelling

Worked as a Flight Attendant for more than 5 years. Saved a baby's life and helped in various first aid situations. Commended by her peers and bosses for her professionalism.

In Buenos Aires, San Justo Radio. Reading one of my bilingual poems called Beauty Ways. 1997

Receiving the national flag by Horacio Enrique Accavallo , a popular Boxer.

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Comment posted by Griselda( mg_cuervayahoo.com.ar ), 02/20/2009 at 2:11am (UTC):
Congratulations on your prizes, Elizabeth! I liked reading your biography.

Comment posted by Elizabeth Lorena Ford( www.alara.co.uk ), 03/04/2009 at 11:28am (UTC):
Hello! Please follow the URL link and read my poem "Mother Earth" If you like it vote

Anyone can enter this competition from anywhere in the world! Knowing English helps a bit.

Please support me

Comment posted by gamma blue 11s( elizabethford.page.tlgmail.com ), 11/21/2013 at 12:53pm (UTC):
impeccable,gamma blue 11s magnifique,message moment, sšŠrieux,indulgence

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